Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trinity River Steelhead

"Rachel and Jim: I just wanted to thank Andras Outfitters for another wonderful float! I always catch fish with Jim. Susan and I are looking forward to next years Trinity outing with Jim! Love Jan" Thank you Jan. We value your friendship and your business!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lower Sacramento River Rainbows!!!

"Jim, Yet another great trip this year on the Sac. Did we stick some toads or what? Sent come pics to Leo who you recall threw me over this year for a trip to Alaska with his wife for their 30th wedding anniversary. Some fishin' pal he is! Anyway he immediately sent his available days for next year. I've got a feeling he's ready to go. Now. I got a blister on the heel of my palm from fightin' those big 'ol bigguns all day long. Now that's a good problem to have! I have often wondered if I fished as much as you do would I ever lose my enthusiasm for the sport. I can say one thing for sure . . . you never do. You're always on the lookout while we are fishing for something that will give us the edge. And you usually find something that does. Like I always say . . . Best fishin' guide ever! Can't wait to get on the boat again next year. 'Til then hugs and kisses to the Andras clan. Have a great Christmas season. Eric."
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Trinity River Steelhead with Andras Outfitters and Gabe Duran

"Hi Rachel: It was a very exciting trip! Here are pictures of two Steelhead I caught. One little smolt was caught and as we were laughing at it, it unhooked itself with lots of wiggle action. The last Steelhead was hooked and my cold wet hands fumbled the line, but somehow I managed to get it on the reel. I told Gabe it was like I had an armful of spaghetti! As he was walking towards it to net it, it freed itself. In all the commotion, it had grabbed the fly, spit out the fly and ended up being hooked on it's tail. I thought when Gabe said it was fouled, that it had line wrapped around it's tail so tried to get it in quickly. Glad the fish was OK. All went for the egg pattern. Just like our last outing, Gabe was very patient and a great teacher. Great guide. Very happy customer :-) " -Janet N. Thank you Janet! To book your next fly fishing trip on the Trinity or Lower Sacramento Rivers give us a call at 530 227 4837 or

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lower Sacramento River Andras Outfitters

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Klamath River with Andras Outfitters

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Trinity River Fly Fishing with Jim Andras - Andras Outfitters

" Jim, thanks again for a great day on the river Friday. We had a blast!" Mark A. and Tres C
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Lower Sac family fun with the Hillards!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Rogue River with Andras Outfitters and good friends

"I don’t need to say this again, but I will. Jim is such a great guide. I really enjoyed my time with him, as always, both the fishing and the conversation. It is interesting—the more I fish with Jim the more impressed I am with how methodical he is in approaching a stretch of water. By telling us what he is doing, I am learning good lessons to take out when wading." -Judith B. Thank you Judith~~~we appreciate your support and kind words.
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Crane Meadow Lodge Montana's Fall Fishing

"Rachel, We had a wonderful time. Thanks for all the help you gave Don." Greg C.
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