Saturday, August 4, 2012

Williamson River beauty with Andras Outfitters

"7 lbs, 27 in, 5x ...... 6 wt, 9 ft, Sage RPL Graphite III, 40 year old Hardy Marquis with floating line, #16 soft hackle emerger grey blond. Nearly spooled me on first downstream run. Must have taken 25 minutes to bring in as I really couldn't put much pressure on with 5x. Ultimately I think the rod wore the fish out. Marlon was amazing moving the boat around helping me keep the fish swimming that was swimming around rocks." - Peter G. We are so lucky to work with fly fishing professionals like Marlon Rampey. To book your next fishing trip on the Williamson or Wood River please give us a call at 530 227 4837 or email us at