Monday, January 23, 2012

Kamchatka Russia Fly Fishing Trips!!!!

Kamchatka Russia Rainbow Fishing!

The renewal of the direct flight to Kamchatka from Anchorage - Vladivostok Airlines has new Airbus planes and has great service. So now is the time if you want to go fish for those wild and beautiful Russian Rainbows. One ($6295) and two week ($10,500) trips available.

Two Yurt River Float trips and The Oz jet boat camps...with little to NO fishing since 2008..
Be one of the first anglers back to fish these prime waters...Jim is planning on hosting a week too so let us know if you are interested... Give Jim and Rachel at call for more details 530.227.4837

Things to think about...

Let’s face it; wild steelhead and salmon face an uncertain future. Today, wild salmonid populations battle habitat loss, hydropower projects, hatchery impact, climate change and other challenges. With an ever-expanding human population, the stresses placed on tiny headwater creeks, major river systems and vast oceans increase in both number and complexity.

At Andras Outfitters, we understand that our business and lifestyle contribute to these challenges. Our vehicles run on gasoline, timber supports our roof, electricity powers our appliances, and our lives depend on clean water. Yet, we cannot imagine a life without wild salmon and steelhead.

Over the years, we have taken steps to reduce our impacts and support both the Native Fish Society and California Trout. Both organizations work tirelessly behind the scenes to conserve, protect, and restore watersheds throughout the Pacific Northwest and California. We urge all anglers committed to a future that includes native, wild fish to do the same.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Chilean Brown Trout .. Now is the time!

Fishing has been awesome here in Chile. IT has been a hot season and it has been drier that usual, but fishing is better than ever. We have been catching nice trout on cantaria beetle every day and our trout are huge because of the mouse protein they got in winter, it has been amazing. Just a shot of a nice resident brown caught a few days ago on the legendary NO NAME river.
Un abrazo,
My friend at Estancia del Zorro and Cinco Rios in Chile...

To book a fishing trip to Chile please give me a call at 530 227 4837

Wednesday, January 4, 2012