Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"The time to take the olive is when they pass the tray"

I had the most amazing experience this past month. One of my favorite Florida guides, Kyle Giampolli, called me and said "I think you can get a record in the women's division for Snook if you get down here next week." Normally I would just respond with some lame excuse of working or too busy but something happened. A good friend had recently said to me..."the time to take the olive is when they pass the tray". I decided to ask my incredible husband for his blessing, then asked off from work, and then another amazing thing happened. I asked a few of my favorite fishing friends to help sponsor my trip. And they did..I could not believe it. I was overwhelmed by the support I received from some very generous people. Thank you!

I jumped on a plane from SFO to Ft Meyers, met Kyle, and we were off. He mentioned the big boys (really females) have been showing up in a few of his favorite spots. Over a cold beverage and a few mosquitos, Kyle coached me on my casting approach by laying out boxes on the floor and teaching me how to 'intercept' these monsters. We were focused. There were tarpon around us but we just hunted for the big ones. I needed to land a 14 lb fish on 16 lb test. And we were not far from the 20 lb class either.

I fished two and a half days and caught some nice snook. I hooked a few records but they broke me each time - three times actually UG! I know I will be back though to try again. It was super having a focus and Kyle knew where to find them. Thank you Kyle!

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Henry's Fork Trip Report

Henry's Fork Fly Fishing Trip Report...

"Hey Rachel,
I had a great time on the Henry's Fork this week. The guys at the fly shop were great!!! My two guides were their senior most guides. They were more than willing to share there knowledge with me and educate me. The fishing was a little slow at times but understandable given the long winter they had. On my drive from Montana to Idaho I got snowed on. I was worried I would freeze to death while fishing, but the weather turned out to be very nice on Tuesday and Wednesday. We mostly nymphed both days. On Wednesday the Salmon flies were flying. We tried throwing a dry dropper some but never could get a fish to take the dry fly. There were very few fish rising. I actually caught a few good sized brown trout. I had never caught a brown trout before. The first one I caught was 24". I think I'm a bit spoiled now. Bob, my guide, was very excited. I was very popular back at the shop. Thanks for putting all of that together for me.
I think I have a lesson scheduled for tomorrow. I'm not sure what time though.
Hope all is well, Rob"

Thank you Rob - Way to go!
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