Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Trinity River Steelhead Fishing - Andras Outfitters

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Jim and Rachel Andras

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bucket List - Sea Run Brown Trout

If you have not fished for Sea Run Brown trout on the Rio Grande you should consider the following dates at Kau Tapen Lodge. With tons of river beats, lovely accommodations, and superb guides, Kau Tapen Lodge is hard to beat. Give Rachel a call if you are interested...

2012 Dates Available
Jan 28 Feb 4 1 rod
Feb 4-11 5 rods
Feb 25 March 3 1 rod
March 3-10 7 rods

Monday, November 21, 2011

Trinity River with Andras Outfitters

Thank you Shasta Mayflies and Golden West Women Anglers for a fun weekend on the Trinity River. We are so grateful for you and for our talent guides we get to work with...Thank you everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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Jim and Rachel Andras

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We support California Trout!

Thank you Cal Trout for all you do for trout, steelhead, and salmon!

The Challenge- Steelhead & Salmon

From the Smith River, through the central coast, to southern California, our native steelhead and salmon are part of a magnificent natural heritage. Sadly, of the state’s 22 anadromous fish species, 13 (or 59%) are in danger of extinction this century. This collapse of our fisheries speaks to the declining health of California’s overall natural environment.

Goal: To restore healthy, self-sustaining populations of California’s native steelhead and salmon across their historic range.

Let's do it!
To support California Trout go to! Thank you.

Jim and Rachel Andras

Monday, November 14, 2011

Klamath River with Mike and Ron

Way to go guys! Thanks for coming north...
Jim and Rachel Andras

A fun report from our friend Steve Kyle / Rogue and Klamath Rivers

"Bill (Lynch)...

You should have put your back into a full body cast and then tossed your body flat onto a pickup truck bed for the ride to up to the Rogue and Klamath Rivers last week. A bad back is a weak excuse for not being there when the parade started. The Rogue gave up 25 hook-ups with 15 landed to 28". The Klamath offered 18 hook-ups with 12 landed to 25". These hook-ups don't include the numerous rainbow and cutthroat trout we also hooked. We were into them all day on each river.

Jim Powers and I had a great time on both rivers and thanks to Jim Andras (, we smoked 'em. While we would like to take some of the credit for our amazing luck, it was really due to Jim's knowledge of both rivers, his patience at untangling the hair balls we put into our fly lines and his skill at knowing the right seam to cast into. He wouldn't let us off the river until it was so dark you could not tie on a fly. He is in the top 1% of guides I have had the pleasure of fishing with and anyone who wants to catch steelhead in Oregon or California, should contact him. He's the best." - Steve Kyle

Thanks Steve and Jim for coming up to see us. We loved having you in Oregon.

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Tim and Ethan! Rogue River Steelhead

Thanks Tim and Ethan! Way to go out there...

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fishing Jackets I LOVE - Rachel's review of Women's Fly Fishing Gear

I most recently purchased two jackets as I needed to replace my rain jacket as well as upgrade my insulating outer layer.

Let's start with my Simms Women's Guide jacket...In the past 18 years I have worn a number of quality rain jackets - I believe that rain jackets should be and must be water PROOF...none of this water resistant stuff. Most have proven to last multiple years after hard core steelhead fishing, wet trips to Alaska and Kamchatka, and even those unfortunate fishing trips where summer turns into winter (in the middle of summer!).

On a recent trip to Patagonia, Chile I learned that I needed (and envied) a dear friends new Simms Rain jacket for women! Simms has always been a leader in technical fishing garb for women. Actual waders, boots, and jackets made especially for women. The feature that sold me on the Simms Women's Guide jacket was the hood... in a torrential rain storm in Chile, Susan weathered the storm as the beads fell upon her head and not on her face. She could navigate and fish hard without being uncomfortable or hinder her casting. That night when I saw photos of the bigs browns she caught in the storm while still smiling I was sold.

The Simms Guide jacket is has a feminine cut and has all the bells and whistles including a flannel lined chin guard, hand warmer pockets, storms cuffs, adjustable waist, two chest pockets with hidden retractors, and an adjustable storm hood which stows in the collar. This jacket is for those wet days on the water but stylish enough to wear around town too. Retails for $299.95.

The second jacket - I have a love affair with this jacket. OK, I won't get carried away but you will. The Patagonia Down Sweater is by far the best winter coat I have ever owned. It is wind resistant, warm without the bulk, and fits well under your waders. It is a jacket for fishing and for living in the west with our wonderful fall/winter/spring weather. All I can really say is - put one on and you will never take it off. My recent posting on Patagonia's Facebook page... And by the way, the black jackets are on sale! ($140 Sale price, was $200).

Give Rachel a call to discuss sizing and any other details. Tell Santa you need these jackets...
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Rogue River Steelhead Fishing with a fly

Above photo by Todd Ostenson - thanks Todd!

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Fly Fishing the Rogue River Oregon

Friday, November 4, 2011

Rogue River Steelhead

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